Divisadero (divisadero) wrote,

Here's an interesting look into the actual sponsors of Prop 8, which would amend the California Constitution to prohibit gay marriage. In sum, about 90% of the donors are from out-of-state, particularly Texas and Utah.

As a Californian, I'm growing weary of our place in America.

California pays America's bills. We make make much of the money that the Red States spend by paying the taxes that they complain about. And we do this while having our patriotism questioned.

What do we get for our ingenuity and hard work? We sure as hell don't get any attention from the presidential candidates because of the fucked up electoral college system. We got defrauded by Enron during the energy crisis earlier this decade, essentially transferring a lot of dot.com money from the Bay Area to Houston. And, worst of all, we get told how to live. We don't stage gay pride parades through the Main Streets of Provo, Colorado Springs, or Lubbock. We may seek separation of church and state in our schools and government, but we sure as hell don't try to control your religious practice in private. Nevertheless, our democratic process has essentially been co-opted by the fundamentalist citizens of other states.

This does not please me.

[Edit: Jeff Kent has donated $15K in support of Prop 8. People, can it get any clearer which side is good and fair and intelligent, and which side is backwards and bigoted and dumb? Would it help if Lord Voldemort did stump speeches for Prop 8?]

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